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Our translation company has extensive experience in the translation and interpretation sectors. We have highly qualified professionals, native speakers of the target language and this fact, along with the comprehensive control of the translation, will result in quality work and the complete satisfaction of the client.

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Large Projects

We are experienced in the management of large projects.
Each project is assigned to a project manager who is responsible for each phase of the work sequence and is readily available to you at any time.
The larger the volume, the larger the discount!

Expedited Translation Service

For those translation projects that just cannot wait, we provide expedited services with same-day delivery, or delivery within 24 hours. If you need a translation done in a hurry, contact us and we'll provide a solution in less time than you thought possible.

Cosmolingo is a professional online translation and interpretation agency offering the high quality translation of texts in virtually any language combination and technical field. We work exclusively with native speakers of the target language to ensure that the translated text is as good as the original.
We have an urgent translation service. We will give you a quote and guarantee a fast, reliable and high quality text translation service.
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